Charitable Foundation

The George Family Foundation

The George Family Foundation was established in 2020 as a registered charity independent of the Whitworths Holdings Group. It is run by three trustees, two of which are members of the George family and one who is independent. Currently the Foundation plans to donate a minimum of £100,000 per year to individuals and organisations whose purposes align with the values of the George Family. The three areas of focus for the Foundation are:

1. Employees. From April 2021 the Foundation will match any charitable donation made by employees, up to £500 per year.
2. Education. The Foundation supports the improvement of educational provision to disadvantaged communities, locally via our sponsorship of Northampton Academy, and nationally via United Learning.
3. Environment. In addition to the investment made by Whitworths Holdings directly into sustainable farming and forestry, the Foundation supports the science based approach of leading organisations such as GWCT, Kew Gardens, and Living Uplands

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