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Traditional flours for the modern market

Traditional bakers. Craft bakers. Artisan bakeries. The resurgence of independent bakers and the nation’s appetite for baking takes us back to our traditional roots.

We are passionate about baking and proud to provide craft bakers with white, wholemeal and cake flours that represent the history and heritage of UK flour milling for the modern market.

History in every bake

With flour brands dating back to 1905 and customers that have been using our flour for over 100 years, our millers have a lot to live up to.

We know that you need a wide range of flours to meet the expectations of your customers. So we mill many grades of flour for all applications and requirements.

  • We know that your customers expect exceptional quality. We use the latest milling technology to ensure consistency, every single time.
  • We understand the importance of trusted brands so we mill flours such as ‘As You Like It’, a patent baker’s flour that has roots back to 1905.

If you’re looking for quality and consistency backed by a century of baking expertise, we can help you craft the tastiest bakes in town.

Whitworth Bros. Ltd. Originals

  • As You Like It
  • Baker’s Pride
  • Jade
  • Canada Best
  • Gold Crest
  • White Label
  • Top Flight

“An ingredient we can rely on”

“We have used Whitworth Bros for over thirty years. Their flour specifications are always well within tolerance; it’s an ingredient we can rely on. They have a solid technical salesforce and a great customer service department. Issues are always sorted and communication is fantastic. What more could you want from such a large key supplier?”

General Manager, Mixes and Glazes Manufacturer

Whitworth Bros. Ltd. Originals

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