Our flours, wheat, maize, rice and rye

Our flours are milled on some of the most technically advanced mills in the world.

This enables us to produce flours that are consistent and fit for purpose.

Our range of flours at Whitworth Bros. Ltd.

BRAND PROTECTION and FOOD SAFETY are our primary objectives.

Our processes are fully auditable which means our customers can be confident that we are supplying flour to the agreed grist and analytical specification.

As with most millers, we produce a wide range of wheat flours but additionally we offer flour and grits milled from maize, rice and rye grains.

We also operate heat-treatment plants which allows us to naturally modify wheat flour by reducing enzyme and microbial activity.

These flours have the added benefit of a clean label definition ‘wheat flour’.

To find out more about our range and ability to supply bespoke flour please contact us via the contact page.