Distribution to help you deliver. Consistently.

You may know our iconic yellow tankers that diligently deliver flour to food manufacturers up and down the country. You may not know that we own, manage and operate our bespoke fleet and distribution in-house, to ensure absolute control and consistency for our customers. Every single time.

We know that food safety is your top priority, so we fit our Feldbinder tankers with electronic lid sealing systems to give customers confidence that the flour has arrived at their site in the same condition it left ours.

We know that you take Health and Safety seriously, so we are proud to use the latest innovations in vehicle safety such as vehicle telematics, 360 degree camera systems and anti-rollaway devices to keep everyone safe.

We know that product consistency is crucial for your brand reputation, so we fit onboard dehumidifiers to our bulk tanker fleet to reduce condensation and help product flow.

We know that the environmental impact of your suppliers affects your carbon footprint too, so all our vehicles are replaced on a regular basis and run on the latest Euro6 engines.

But our distribution is nothing without our drivers.

Whether it’s spotting that your silo is full of flour and adjusting delivery times, knowing the name of your goods-in manager or minimising unload times so you can get to work quicker, our drivers are proud to wear a Whitworth Bros. Ltd. uniform and will always go the extra mile.

And it’s not just our driving team who get involved in logistics. Need an urgent delivery? We will do our utmost to get it to you.

“We do the best we can to service each and every customer. And I will get involved if I need to; pens down, sleeves up!”

Managing Director, Whitworth Bros. Ltd.


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