Customer quality focused, continual monitoring. Using the latest technology we are able to continually analyse and monitor the product during the manufacturing process.

As part of our commitment to you, we invest in the latest and smartest technology to ensure the quality, consistency and safety of all our products. And we take flour analysis and dough rheology very seriously.

Flour analysis and food safety

We mill flour according to exacting requirements to achieve the optimum consistency, functionality and performance. Online flour analysis enables us to constantly check that the blend and consistency of flour meets specification.

And technology is at the heart of this flour analysis. Using rapid analysis by NIR (Near Infrared Reflectance) of wheat when it arrives, automated adjustments during milling, finished product checks, and regular test baking of products, we analyse every part of the milling process to deliver flour to meet specification. Consistently.

Dough Rheology

Rheology might sound like scientific rhetoric but for our team of laboratory technicians and technical bakers, being able to measure the handling properties of dough means we can achieve the optimum strength and performance for products.

Whether it’s the stability, resistance or extensibility of dough, our rheological tests measure specific properties under controlled conditions. This means there’ll be no surprises when you start production and you get the most consistent dough performance and quality.


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