We mill flour with pride and care

and the best quality and service

From field…

There are hundreds of wheat growers in the UK. We are proud to source 85% of our product from UK wheat farmers and merchants. But we are very selective about our grain, because the quality and specification of the grain is crucial to the grist we grind and the functionality of your flour.

So we work closely and collaboratively with the grain industry. We are proud members of UK Flour Millers and we help wheat breeders and farmers by trialling and testing different varieties so that we can produce quality flour that performs consistently. Our process starts before the seed is even sown.

The majority of our mills are situated in the main wheat growing areas and are designed to minimise transport movements. And that’s where the technology begins. From the automatic wheat sampling arm to the infrared testing of wheat when it arrives on site, we use the latest technology to ensure the incoming wheat meets our specification.

As well as purchasing the grain we can provide market reports and updates to aid you with making decisions.

…to flour…

Once in the mill, the wheat is cleaned and conditioned after which it passes through the break rollers. The top roller runs at a slightly faster rate to the lower roller, as a result when wheat passes through it creates a shearing action, opening up the wheat grain. The opening of the wheat grain separates it into 3 constituent parts; bran, wheatgerm and the all-important endosperm from which we produce flour.

As the flour is milled, the various fragments of wheat grain are separated by size and weight passing through a complex arrangement of sieves and other machinery which our millers manage our advanced mills using remote digital technology. Our millers may blend different wheats prior to milling in order to achieve a specific grist. Additionally, they may also blend different flours in order to produce the exact product specification requested by our customers.

We’re incredibly proud to be at the forefront of this technology, pushing the boundaries of milling equipment and assisting Bühler in the development of new functionality. All with the end product in mind.

…to food

Finally, your flour is ready to be delivered. And we are as passionate about the technology in our tankers as the machinery in our mills.

Our distribution team are the final, critical step in the journey from field to flour.

And that is why we own and operate the logistics process in house. It’s also why we invest heavily in our fleet of delivery vehicles and the latest onboard technology. So that your flour is always of the highest quality, consistently.


If you’re interested in finding out more about where your flour comes from, we’d love to talk to you about what the latest in milling technology means for your products.

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