There’s flour and then there’s heat treated flour.

You might be forgiven for thinking that there’s not much innovation in flour. Especially innovation using an entirely natural process. An innovation that can change the performance of flour in many different ways.

Introducing heat treated flours

We are very proud of our heat treatment technology. Even prouder to be the leading producer of heat-treated flours in Europe. And prouder still that our heat-treated flours are modified using an entirely natural process.

Designed with enhanced functionality in mind, these flours allow you to do more. Better celebration and snack cakes, better food coating textures, more great tasting mixes for the home baker, and more inventive creations like cookie dough in ice cream, heat treatment expands the boundaries of traditional flour applications.

Low moisture flour

Used as a carrier in dry mix applications, low moisture flour gives shelf life stability over time. Which means it doesn’t react with the other ingredients. Dry. Mixed. Stable.

Batters and coatings

Used in food coatings, breaders and batters, heat treated flour has a stable viscosity thanks to the process. In other words, it helps the batter or coating stick to the substrate.

Cake flours

Used to enhance shelf-life, crumb structure and deliver a great tasting cake, these flours have super powers. Great structure. Longer-lasting. Win win.

Microbial controlled flour

Used for products without further processing like cookie dough or cream fillings, this heat treated flour has a reduced microbial count. Safe. Ready to eat.

Heat Treatment

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