We’re forward-thinking.

Yes, we’re a traditional family business with traditional values to match, but this doesn’t stop us setting our sights firmly on the future.

We are always looking for ways to
do things in a way that is quicker,
slicker and ultimately better for
our customers.

Application of technology at Whitworth Bros. Ltd.

That means investing in the latest cutting-edge technology. Working in conjunction with Buhler Switzerland we installed the World’s first wheat ‘peeling’ plant for the reduction of mycotoxins, bacteria and toxic heavy metals.

We also developed, jointly with Buhler, the World’s first 'FHT process'. This continuous Thermal and Hydrothermal process allows targeted modification of wheat flour properties to produce flours suitable for coatings, breading, soup and cake applications.

This process was further refined as we constructed our second and third plants.

We collaborate with plant breeders to select and identify new and upcoming varieties of wheat each year and test bake hundreds of samples to identify the most suitable wheats to grow and use.

We also have a heat-treatment pilot plant and two pilot test-Mills. Combining this with our extensive knowledge and experience of the flour milling industry means we can provide our customers with end-to-end solutions to meet their flour needs.