Baking innovation and support to our customers to ensure of their success.

We may be best known for making flour, but baking success is the key to our success. Although flour is only one of the ingredients in your products, it plays a major part in the end result. Which means our flour quality helps underpin the success of our customers.

From wheat market intelligence to flour specifications, test baking and technical advice, our customer and bakery support teams are here to help you improve, enhance and innovate. And because we use the latest technology, we can react and respond to changes. Fast.

An extension of your business

Whether you want us on site at your production plants or, you want to make use of our Quality and Innovation centre, we start each day with your end product in mind.

Above all, we love what we do and we want to help you get the best from every product you manufacture .

We share our best in class wheat expertise to support and guide you through each new harvest

Our team of Bakers and Food Technologists continually check the performance of your flour

We analyse, measure and compare every test bake so we can quickly highlight and help implement any required changes

Working together, we build strong and deep relationships with your production, technical and sales teams

We share our expertise to help build customer capability including formal and informal training programmes

We support new product development initiatives, working hand in hand with your team

know-how and expertise

To find out more about how we can help with practical baking support, product development and post-bake evaluation, get in touch with our Customer Service team today.

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