The Most Technically Advanced Mill In The World

Revolutionary Industrial Milling

From vision to reality. With the start-up of our latest Whitworth Bros. Ltd. mill, a vision has become reality: a revolutionary design concept, together with a fully connected and digitally managed mill (SmartMill). With this, Whitworth Bros. Ltd are heralding a new era of milling reaching unseen levels of quality, transparency, efficiency and food safety in the milling value chain.​

Technological and digital capabilities of the most advanced mill in the world 

At the heart of the Mill lie more than 15,000 data points collecting information on all aspects of the production process. It is the volume of data being analysed, along with the cutting-edge application of blockchain technology, that will enable the most efficient, transparent, and consistent production possible, and therefore the highest quality product.

The mill incorporates the latest milling innovations from Bühler which all aim at creating more efficient, safe and sustainable food value chains. The heart of the system is the Arrius integrated grinding system. Its new design saves space, increases efficiency and enables us to introduce an unmatched level of starch damage.

“The concept is really a step change away from the traditional way of operating a flour mill, it allows us to challenge the boundaries and continue moving forward with the smart mill technology and expand the opportunities in milling.

I would use the example of the Mars Rover, it landed on Mars and they are now only just starting to explore the surface, that’s what we are doing with Bühler and SmartMill, we are pioneering, we are on a journey together, it is a fantastic opportunity to be in the forefront continuing to push the boundaries of technology within flour milling”

Mike Peters, MD Whitworth Bros. Ltd.

The Mill delivers against the three main efficiency levels of space requirements, time and in particular energy consumption.

Through the use of blockchain technology the entire quality assurance process will develop into a fully transparent and traceable value chain.

This Mill is a real game changer in the industry, plant automation and sensors monitor and report all process steps in real time providing millers with extensive information of a 5500 meter squared mill on a single computer screen.